Yoga Therapy/Ayurvedic Training in India

Kerala AYURVEDIC plan and course work
3 phase in 1
To Heal, Strengthen and Beautify with Yoga and Ayurveda

Phase 1

Simplicity and austerity in eating with focus on absorption of nutrients
Locally source balance of superfood and juicing
Adequate allocation of hygiene for purity of mind and body
Frequency harmonization for cellular relaxation
Essential oil treatment and therapy
Shatkarmas for further purification

Phase 2

Pranayama primer to explore the dimension of life force and vitality
Impeccability with word training to reduce negativity and self created stress
Physical practice of asanas and TRX training to retrain the body and mind
Bandhas, mudras and yantras introduction to deepen experiential understanding
Mantra and meditation to refine breath work and realize deeper connection to Prana
Manifesting gracefully and realizing get the true strength of stillness

Phase 3

Ancient wisdom secrets shared from Persia and beyond
Restoring purity to a planet and its people without pollution
Allowing science that exists to improve by using local resources more powerful
Creating a new circumstance on earth that makes humanity smile
Face yoga and the beauty of no attachment
The art of moving beautifully from the combined practices of yoga tai chi and Sufi whirling


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