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TTC 200 RYT Invitation and welcome event
Please allow me to begin by congratulating you all for having a yoga practice.  In today’s high stress environment and the ever increasing level of expectation placed upon ourselves by our selves and almost everyone else.  A life with these kinds of obstacles to any feeling of happiness is an arduous process.  This set of obstacles that life brings in perpetuity can no doubt be attenuated, lessened and even completely overcome with intense and devoted practice in the scientific systems of yoga; we may turn inward at anytime to recalculate our positions as individuals and as a species as well.

The Hatha yoga systems brings together aspects of the original 4 types of yoga that are mentioned in the Vedas, the worlds oldest texts to date.  With a focus on raja, jnana, bhakti, the Hatha Yoga TTC that you will be embarking on is a culmination of all these with the added supercharger of karma yoga.  Karma is for lack of better terms, vibrations and echoes from the outside world manifest.  Teaching yoga reduces our out of tune actions in a world that can seem chaotic and completely random, reducing karma by nature, as is simply having a sincere practice that help you to connect with a peace that goes beyond understanding.  This peace can be and is transmitted when the teaching of yoga happens.

Whether this is the time for you to embark upon this journey for yourself or not always depends on you, and at the same time, our offer is a special one.  Not only will you find the keys and secrets to unlocking your own practices highest potential, you will be shown the multitude of ways to be able to teach at the highest levels of proficiency in the industry when combined with your own diligence and effort.  Many of you already have careers that may or may not be serving you or humankind or the earth in the way that you envision.  This is also a place to bring your way of being aware to whatever you do or don’t do.  Part of this course is to provide a deep understanding to the wholeness of yoga and its infinite applications.  The possibilities to your future in teaching yoga in a world that continuously cries out for less suffering, are endless.  From minor back pain to and unquiet mind, and from the greatest manifestation to the most humble acceptance of what is, yoga has been behind the solving of humanities sufferings throughout the ages.

We live in a time of TMI or Too Much Information, and all though this is true, much of it is false or untested.  Yoga is the opposite approach in that if something is true, but not true for you in your experience, then one must investigate further and deepen ones level of practice and or introspection.  This is why we have chosen so carefully also the reading list and curriculum, because in a world of marketing, the truth is often left out.  I have gone to great lengths in my own practice and my life in general to cut away the unnecessary aspects while staying true to the ancient wisdom of these sciences.  Make no mistake that yoga is system of sciences, not merely one, and these sciences can be layered and applied even more deeply.  This is the essence of teaching yoga…  It is being fully aware of the positive impacts of Yoga practice and making it a part of your life to helping others to find peace within to create the peace outside.

“Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion.  It is the most valuable inheritance of the present.  It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.”

~Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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