Greg was born in New London, Connecticut on May 19, 1973 and since has lived and traveled all over the world, 41 countries in total. He joined the Navy in 1991 after high school and while in service, studied Morse code and newer technologies of signal analysis and interception while completing an associates degree in general studies at the remote University of Maryland colleges in Portugal and Germany. He continued his college education after an honorable discharge from active service and graduated from the University of Toledo in 1997 with a BA degree in Philosophy.

In 2003, Greg began his daily yoga practice in earnest and in 2005 he sought out talented instruction and education in earnest at Pacific Yoga in Seattle Washington, attaining a 225 hour Yoga Teachers certification and immediately started teaching in 2006 at Expansions Yoga in Silverdale, Washington. Other education came in the way of body work through Valerie Passionflower and the Thai massage tradition in 2007, and then a six month intensive training course in the Brandon Raynor School of Massage in Makaha, Hi in 2010. In early 2011, Greg spent time practicing and then teaching body work in Sydney, Australia.

Following this, Greg embarked on a 500 Hour Experienced Yoga Teacher Training (E-RYT) with Jyothi Kumar Boyidapu, a true master of Ashtanga Yoga, Bhakti karma and Raja Yoga In Dharamsala, India. After this invaluable training and immersion, he taught teacher training courses for nearly a year in Pune and Goa, India.  In late 2014, Greg returned to Washington State from his World Chakra Tour, spending 4-1/2 years traveling through the earths Chakras (energy centers) from the west coast of America, South America, the Islands of Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, Asia and India.

In his 10 year teaching tenure and more than a decade of practice, Greg has taught more than 10,000 hours of private yoga and 3,000 group classes.   Greg is married to a beautiful and dynamic peace advocate from Esfahan, Iran who helps him manage school and the peaceful expansion of yoga practices everywhere.  They live and travel internationally, teaching others and enjoying each other intensely after realizing their dreams of creating an international school together and helping their fellow human beings.

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