Where have we been, and why do we go where we go?

Although traveling to sacred sites, sitting with ascended masters, and researching ancient ayurvedic sciences isn’t a requirement to reestablish your divine connection, it has been my path for at least this incarnation.

Hereyoga began as an idea and a willingness to teach yoga in ways that liberated place from practice by delivering the teaching to the students. We have evolved… During the past 20 month, I have traveled our globe to feel and be in physical touch with three energy centers, Mount Shasta California “Root Chakra”, Lake Titicaca Peru “Sacral Chakra”, and Uluru “Solar Plexus Chakra”. Mount Kailash, Tibet, via India, by way of Vietnam, will be the next destination we embark on this spring.

At this crucial point at our evolutionary history as a species, I feel it is of profound importance to feel and then use these incredible powers of the chakras to somehow recalibrate our purposes. The immediate question comes in the form “how”? Via listening and absorbing our fundamental frequencies, either through a deep listening to the sound that already is, or through the creative energy of energy-based language. The Earth is a living conscious entity with powerful energy centers, literally a macrocosm of our very own energetic bodies.

There are 7 Earth Chakras, 4 Elemental Vortices, and 3 other Foundational Centers.

Earth Chakra Locations:

  1. Root ChakraMt. Shasta, California USA: Generates the universal life force prior to its embodiment in biological forms.
  2. Sacral ChakraLake Titicaca, Peru: Regulates the introduction of new species and major evolutionary advancements for life on Earth.
  3. Solar Plexus ChakraUluru & Kata Tjuta, Australia: Maintains the vitality and increases the health of all individual beings.
  4. Heart ChakraGlastonbury (Avalon), England: Develops the ability of individual life forms to interact with each other, with love and compassion, to raise the frequencies of all life on Earth.
  5. Throat ChakraMt. Sinai, Egypt: Activates the ability to have direct communication with the Earth Spirit, in order to understand its Will, and to align oneself with that purpose. Dialogue between the host life form – the Earth, and all dependent living beings.
  6. Third Eye ChakraMobile, Now at the Heart Chakra: Allows individuals to participate in the major phases of life advancement on Earth, over greater periods of time.
  7. Crown ChakraMt. Kailas, Tibet: Allows complete unity to be established between Earth evolutionary purpose and individual purpose, in dedication to the overcoming of all entropy, to the eternalisation of all life.
Info from: earthchakras.org

Elemental Vortice Locations:

  • Earth – Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Water – Rotopounamu, North Island, New Zealand
  • Air – Mt. Sinai, Egypt
  • Fire – Haleakala Crater, Maui, Hawaii

3 Other Foundational Center Locations:

  1. World Purification Center – Bali
  2. Androgyny-Balance Center – EI Tule Tree & Palenque, Southern Mexico
  3. World Immortality & Beauty Centre – Mt. Fuji, Japan

See a map of the sites around the world at EarthChakras.org Robert Coon has been writing about them since 1967!

All of these 12 sites and a host of others are incredibly important                                               for the overall health and evolution of Mother Earth.  They are all related to specific qualities, and are activated at specific times regarding the moon’s movements and other cosmic events.  Meditating on these qualities at these centers at these specific times when the center is sending that energy out to the rest of the world is very powerful.  You help Mother Earth by adding your own energy to hers and by integrating those sacred qualities deeply into your own life.

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